Time-X is a case study with the purpose to design original visualization about time.
In this series of experiments, we will design and develop  graphic applications to explore the different aspects of time.
It appears as being the best topic to illustrate our work with real-time and generative graphics.
Time representation, perception, philosophical and scientific concept (idealist, realist, relationist, and relativism), cosmology and quantum physics are among the different tracks we will probe.
In this first series, we have imagined a display system made up of a screen and a two-way mirror where the graphics and the reflections melt together.
in addition, different information and data (from the weather, social feed...) are integrated into the composition.
TIME-X #1 : Fluctuation
TIME-X #2 : Orbit
TIME-X #3 : 4 elements
TIME-X : Time Flow
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