[Generative, Interactive and immersive System design ]

We imagine and design system to bring creative and innovative solutions with a meaningful design for the best user's experience.
 Interconnected with the physical (users, sensors) and digital (data , network, object) world, the output (image, sound, light, data) is generated and rendered in real-time by a set of rules, algorithms, conditions and scripts .
We manage and supervise the entire creative and production process within a powerful and versatile development environment : Design / programming / visualization / Mockup Prototype / 3D real-time graphic engine /parametric design / system and machinery control / UI design.

The scope is vast and the possibilities are nearly endless :
Architecture (In-store retail / flagship and concept store / Hotel / corporate / residence) - Event (corporate / branding / fashion show /  live performance) - festival and art installation.
[evolutionary  scenography  -  multimedia and multi-sensory installation - generative graphics -  projection - Led Screen and array - Interactive environment - data visualization - video mapping - virtual and augmented reality - User interface]

[Application Software Development]

We develop application to handle any king of tasks and concepts for installations and devices.
From generative applications (see above) to screen's contents management and generators, lighting system and led matrix control, social network application, video mapping  ....
If the application software to handle your project doesn't exist yet we can design it.

[Motion Design]

We have designed and produced motion graphics for very various kind of projects and clients from Tv shows, corporate events, fashion shows, architectural projects, festivals ... 
From ultra high definition ( video projector array, 360°  immersive environment) to very low resolution Led screen.
We integrated the  display 's specifications early in our design process to achieve the best visual result.
Graphic and motion design, compositing, vfx and cgi ( Eyeon fusion, modo, 3Dsmax, Houdini)

[Light Design]

Light design and system specifier for architectural project. (restaurant, store, studio, corporate, hotel)
We encompass lighting in the global visual design.

[System Design]

We supply  the technical expertise for the system's design and the specifications of the different  components : 
Computer system / Video system and interface  /Lighting  / Network architecture / protocol / interface (Dmx, Dali, OSC, Midi, Rs232...) / sensor and camera device system.
R&D and hardware programming :
Prototyping / interface programming / Arduino / connected objects 
Thank you!

Sepapaja tn 6, 15551 Tallinn, Harju Maakond, Estonia