This second opus is dedicated to spring.
A contemplative view, through the window, on a colorful and blooming landscape.
From sunrise to sunset, we travel thru an evolving graphic scenery. 
As for the first installation, All graphic elements are generated in real-time. with defined interactive rules and scenario.

We wanted to show one facet of the endless possibilities we have now in "Visual design"  applied to interior design and architecture. A full  generative environment (multi-sensory) ,with a meaningful concept and design, evolving according to the scenarios and interactions.
The creative scope fit a wide spectrum, from retail and flagship store to large scale architectural  project.
Video, motion graphic, light, sound....  play the same storyline.
Full 16 minutes sequence ride, from sunrise to sunset.
SpringScape @ The Family Market concept store ( 12 rue Jean Macé 75011 Paris) 
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