Graphic design has an overriding role for this year conference.
the entire set is constructed from video elements : High resolution Led screen and video projectors .
Modules of different shapes and sizes compose a modern graphic scenery providing a broad creative spectrum.
As a virtual screen, spread across the space, which forms a single image that merge with the architecture.
We designed and produced the motion graphics to create the trompe-l'oeil effect, overexposing tradition, heritage and modernity.
As a multi-display system, with graphics and animations developed and designed to provide an original and dynamic way to illustrate the purpose of the speech
We fulfill our goal with a real added value to the conference.

Client : LACOSTE
Agence : C LAGENCE
Graphics : Pixelux Studio
Simulation and real-time render.
During the entire process we have worked with simulation to elaborate the concept, from design to production.
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