AR // Immersive & interactive Augmented Reality experience.
We have been commissioned by Admemori to create and develop an immersive and interactive augmented reality experience for the Mall Of Switzerland in Lucern.
Our application sense and read the 3d space delivering a high degree of spatial compositing between the real world and the computer generated element.
Interactions happens at many levels. Any passer-by create a contact interaction with his immediate environment according his trajectory. While one user, chosen according to certain rules, can play with the scene with body gestures and create different choreographies. 

Different scenes have been produced : 
an underwater scene with  very smart skoals of tropical fishes, five very playful and beautiful varieties waiting to play with you
the others are seasonal scenes from winter to spring.

Client : Admemori
Team : Xavier Gruchet, Idzard Kwadijk , tim Gerritsen.
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