It is a luminous monumental red heart  in front of the Célestins Theater connected to a smart system with sensors, displays, sounds and lights.
By couple, the visitors will get their heart rhythm placing their fingers on the sensor installed in the stele.
This action will trigger a luminous and musical sequence in unison with their heartbeats.
An interactive experience that will allow you to listen to your heart ... in music and colorful light  

We were in charge of the System design and the software development and programming :
// Scenario and logic module. //sensor system and  data analysis. // songs data base management.
// light system control. // Led screen display control. // User interface.

Fête des Lumières de Lyon 2016
Concept and design : Franck Pelletier/  collectif Les Allumeurs

R&D, programming : Xavier Gruchet / Pixelux Studio.
Production: JC KELLER
Photographie : Baptiste Lobjoy

Development environment : Touch Designer.

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